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What’s in Your Abilene and San Angelo Water?

Water is part of a deeply interconnected system. Anything that seeps into the ground or is pumped into the air ends up in our water. Is bottled water the answer? Unfortunately, multiple industry studies show that in the $100 billion bottled water industry, more than 25% comes from a municipal water supply. Single-use plastic bottles clog our landfills, pollute our oceans, endanger sea life, and disrupt human hormones.

Purified water is the solution.

To identify any specific areas of improvement your drinking water may need, we provide water testing and full water system reviews.

Trusted for more than 80 years, Culligan water has been purified through multiple processes:

  • Carbon Filtration: Removes chlorine and other impurities
  • Cation & Anion Exchange Resin Filtration: Removes dissolved solids
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration: Removes 95-98% of all total dissolved solids
  • UV Light Sterilization: Safe alternative to chlorine, destroys living organisms
  • Ozonation (Ozone Production): Naturally “sterilizes” water

Bottled Water & Cooler
Take advantage of the best Bottled Water deal around!

What you get with Culligan Bottled Water:

  • Bottled Water Cooler installed at your home or office
  • Bottle-Free® Cooler options for businesses with a water source
  • Bottles of water delivered straight to your home or office
  • Fast, friendly service from your local Culligan Man
  • Healthy and delicious bottled water

It’s Green!
Culligan plastic bottles are cleaned, sanitized and reused to protect our environment and save you money!

“Our company has been using Culligan for about a year, and it’s been wonderful! The staff and service are amazing – always courteous and friendly. Jacque always makes sure we have what we need. Thank you Culligan Water!”
-Robin Ward

Reverse Osmosis

A Culligan drinking water system may soon become your favorite appliance in the kitchen. With the touch of a button, you will enjoy your personal supply of clean, refreshing drinking water right at your kitchen sink. It’s pure convenience.

Choose From Many Custom Faucets
Culligan’s patented water filtration technology can be customized to reduce impurities in your water, including chlorine, lead, radium and cysts. With better-tasting water available, you and your family will most likely increase your water intake for greater health benefits.

Most importantly, with a Culligan drinking water system, you get your own Culligan Man®. With more than 75 years of water treatment experience, you can trust us to help you find the right system to solve your water problems and bring you clean, refreshing Culligan drinking water.

Culligan drinking water systems feature our exclusive, patented filtration technologies to provide the highest level of water filtration available. State-of-the-art reverse osmosis and sophisticated interchangeable filters will provide you with better-tasting, higher quality water that will make a refreshing difference in your home.

  • Safer water – Our water filtration systems are designed to reduce harmful impurities like cysts, arsenic, lead, radium, chlorine and other impurities.
  • Pure convenience – Enjoy an endless supply of Culligan drinking water with the push of a button at your kitchen sink.
  • Better-tasting water – Clean Culligan water will improve the taste of coffee, tea, drinks, ice cubes, baby formula and all your recipes.
  • Great for appliances – A Culligan drinking water system improves your water for use in ice-makers and humidifiers.
  • Healthier choice – You’ll have the option of better-tasting Culligan water over sodas and sugary drinks.
  • Cost savings – Glass for glass, Culligan water costs far less than single-serve, store-bought water bottles.
  • Environmentally friendly – With Culligan water, you’ll use fewer plastic, single-serve water bottles, saving thousands of bottles from clogging landfills.

No Need to Drill a Hole in your Countertop
With the Culligan ClearLink Pro, use your existing faucet for all water usage!

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