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Our Products and Services

  • Water Softener – All Culligan Water Softeners are built to last and can bring tremendous value to your home. And, because Culligan softened water makes household cleaning easier, you’ll simplify your life–leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy most. Your local Culligan Man® offers a full line of water treatment products to match virtually any need.
  • Salt-Free Water Conditioning – Culligan-conditioned water you trust, without the salt. It’s a common misconception that salt-free systems remove hard water minerals the same way that their salt-based counterparts do. Salt-free conditioners do not soften water – they condition it. Salt-free conditioners do not remove hard water minerals from the water. Rather, they transform the magnesium and calcium chemically, so that they do not cling to surfaces and precipitate into scale. With this system, there is no need for salt or a regeneration cycle to purge the minerals.
  • Total Home Filtration – Problem water takes on many different aspects: The bad odor, the hazy look of too much sediment in the water, and the corrosive effects of water with a low pH. All different. Culligan has effective solutions to these and other water problems you may have. All Culligan filters are customized to handle your specific type of problem water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water – Leading a healthy life is a conscious decision—one that you need to work at on a daily basis. To help you feel and perform at your best, various health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. And now staying healthy and hydrated are easier than ever with the Culligan Good Water Machine appliance—offered exclusively through your local Culligan dealer.
  • Bottled Water – Delicious water, always on tap! Whether you’re in your home or office, getting better-tasting water is both easy and affordable. Set the schedule that works for you, and keep enjoying water that’s over 99% pure. Take advantage of the best Bottled Water deal around! What you get with Culligan Bottled Water:
    • Bottled Water Cooler installed at your home or office
    • Bottle-Free® Cooler options for businesses with a water source
    • Bottles of water delivered straight to your home or office
    • Fast, friendly service from your local Culligan® Man
    • Healthy and delicious bottled water
  • Water Coolers – Water cooler dispensers are the vehicle used in bringing Culligan water straight from the water bottle to your glass. Culligan water dispensers come in various styles and offer many benefits, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your family. Based on availability, not all coolers (color, make, model) are in stock at all times.
  • Free Water Testing – Basic water testing from Culligan is free and as easy as scheduling an appointment with your Culligan Water Expert online or over the phone. Here’s how it works:
    • We’ll sample your tap water and test it right in your kitchen.
    • Results can vary, but generally the test takes 10 minutes or less.
    • When the test is complete, we’ll share the results with you and discuss options for addressing any water problems.
  • Salt Delivery – Your local Culligan Water Expert can recommend a salt delivery schedule that will work for you and your water softening system. Contact us to schedule your first delivery, or learn more about problem water in your state.


Full Service Rental / Purchase Benefits

Culligan has been a trusted name since 1936. We are not only a Culligan dealer, we are also a full-service water treatment company, with licensed, professional installation set up by your Culligan Service Technician. Selected Culligan water system models have been named “Consumer Digest Best Buys.”

Benefits of Renting Your System

  • No matter your water needs, say, “Hey Culligan!” and we’ll come running!
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Service included in rental for preventative maintenance
  • Hassle-free Culligan water at your fingertips

Benefits of Owning Your System

  • No matter your water needs, say, “Hey Culligan!” and we’ll come running!
  • Choose from flexible, affordable financing options
  • Service available for preventative maintenance
  • Protect your investment with a maintenance agreement
  • Hassle-free Culligan water at your fingertips

“Great service and very friendly people.”
– Lisette A., Abilene, TX

“They have the best water in town and friendly working people.”
– Dora T., San Angelo, TX

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Callahan, Coke, Concho, Crockett, Fisher, Irion, Jones, , Menard, Nolan, Reagan Runnels, Schleicher, Shackelford, Sterling, Sutton, Taylor, and Tom Green counties.

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