Residential Delivered Bottle Water

Culligan bottled water is the most convenient, delicious water available for both your home and office.  There are many times of water available such as spring water, premium drinking water, DI water and distilled water.

Spring Water:  Spring water is simply water taken from the ground or a natural spring.  Spring water is popular because it is marketed as “natural”.  But the only problem with spring water is that it is not considered high purity water.  A water spring is only as good as its source.  Something to consider is that in today’s world we bury trash in the ground, and all that trash will eventually find its way to our natural springs.  In the day before cars, industry and commercial farming there was not much to jeopardize the quality of spring water.  But with today’s farming, herbicides, pesticides and pollution from rainfall we must really ask ourselves if spring water is the right choice.  Culligan offers spring water, but we make sure that the source of the spring water is a credible one.  You and I could dig a deep well in our backyards, pump out the water, put it in a bottle and call it spring water.  Although we could say it is “natural” that does not mean that the water is the ideal water we want to drink.  Many people often like the taste of spring water because of its earthy taste.  Spring water typically has a significant amount of minerals or water hardness in it.  But because each geographical region is different so is the spring water.  Our goal is to educate you on the true reality of water, not just marketing hype.  Culligan is proud that we use good quality sources of our spring water which is of the highest quality available.

Premium Drinking Water:  Premium drinking water is water that has been purified down to nothing but water, but then we add back a trace amount of minerals to give the water a clean, refreshing great taste.  Some people will try to say that spring water is “natural” therefore it is better for than premium drinking water.  However that is simply not true.  The same water we had around millions of years ago is the same water we have today.  Only roughly 3% of the world’s water supply is fresh drinking water.  Technology plays a huge role in taking regular not so good water and turning it into fresh, delicious purified drinking water.  Most people who know little or nothing about water treatment would tell you that “spring” water is the best choice.  However, most people do not realize that Culligan can take the most foul, nasty water and filter it down to nothing but just pure water.  Mechanically purified water does not have the marketing appeal of “natural spring water”.  However, spring water will never be as pure as premium drinking water.  Premium drinking water is made by the following process:

  1. Sediment filtration
  2. Carbon filtration.
  3. Reverse Osmosis or Deionization
By the time water goes through all these steps you will have the highest quality water available regardless of the original state of the water.  Almost everyone who works at a Culligan dealership or who is actively involved with water purification will choose premium drinking water over spring water.  But the choice is yours because Culligan offers both for your enjoyment.