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Culligan will customize solutions to meet water treatment needs for any business. With application engineering, innovative products, and technical service, we can reduce operating costs and improve customer experiences. For every use – from supermarket water misters to hotel washing machines – Culligan provides commercial customers complete, cost-effective solutions.

Solutions for any Business

Culligan is proud to supply better water solutions to a wide assortment of businesses serving Abilene and San Angelo residents and visitors every day. From Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking fountains in restaurants to industrial-sized water softeners in hotels, Culligan has a solution for any business, big or small.

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Soft Water Can Save You Money

Hard water damages your expensive equipment and pipes and leaves you paying for repairs or replacements earlier than otherwise necessary. In addition to saving you money on repairs, soft water makes cleaning easier, more effective, and less expensive (due to less soap needed). Towels, dishes, and anything else cleaned with soft water avoids soap scum buildup, so you get a better clean with less work.

Great-Tasting Water for Your Customers
A Culligan Reverse Osmosis system, removes all the bad-tasting and unbeneficial minerals from your water, meaning customers drinking from your fountain will enjoy better-tasting water at your business.

Rent, Lease or Purchase
Culligan has options to fit any budget. We will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Maintenance Program
Culligan’s preventative maintenance program ensures a hassle-free water system. We schedule regular visits to test your equipment and keep it running smoothly.

With our experience in the local market and support from the entire Culligan International organization, we have the best solutions to meet your commercial and industrial water needs. We provide commercial and industrial water treatment across numerous industries and applications:

C&I Reverse Osmosis
C&I Water Softeners
C&I Filtration
Deionized Tank Exchange

Every commercial water treatment application is unique—whether for a restaurant, hospital, hotel or office. Call us, or use the contact form to tell us about your water needs.

Benefits of Renting Your System:

  • No matter your water needs, say, “Hey Culligan!” and we’ll come running!
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Service included in rental for preventative maintenance
  • Hassle-free Culligan water at your fingertips

Benefits of Owning Your System

  • No matter your water needs, say, “Hey Culligan!” and we’ll come running!
  • Choose from flexible, affordable financing options
  • Service available for preventative maintenance
  • Protect your investment with a maintenance agreement
  • Hassle-free Culligan water at your fingertips

“We asked Abilene Water service to install a water softener and reverse osmosis system. The technician who installed our system was very good at explaining every step of what they are doing and what the equipment does. They regularly come to do proper checks and preventive maintenance. Thanks to Jacque for always helping us and answering our questions.”

– Chaitanya Patel, AbiMar Foods, Inc., Abilene, Tx

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